February 10th marked the start of the Chinese Lunar New Year 2013, the Year of the Snake.  Snake years are considered favorable, so 2013 should be a positive year for business and personal fortunes.

In thinking of your small business or entrepreneurial venture, this coming year should be a good for:

• Reinventing – snakes shed their skin and so it’s a perfect time to change things around and think out of the box

• Making and saving money -the attribute most often associated with the snake is cunning. That means not only knowing how to connive to make money but also how to be smart and squirrel it away.

• Planning strategically -the snake is considered introspective and intelligent, so this is a particularly good year to look at the plan for your business.

• Striking fast- snakes move at lightning speeds to catch their prey, so when good opportunities arise, move quickly.

• Being patient – this seems contradictory to striking fast, but be cautious before slithering too fast into unknown and costly ventures.