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Jodi Weitz has over 28 years of experience treating a variety of health conditions and has helped her patients lead vital and balanced lives.

Family Health

Adults, teens and children are treated to optimize health, increasing the well-being for the whole family.

Successful Treatments

Acupuncture and holistic health strategies are implemented for overall positive, long-lasting results for the entire system.

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"Jodi and her healing touch along with her take on Chinese acupuncture was just what my body ordered. I was a skeptic but now am a believer, thank you Jodi for all your kindness and skill."

Expertise that You Can Trust

Jodi Weitz, Licensed Acupuncturist, has been successfully treating and healing patients for over 28 years. In addition to Eastern Healing traditions, she has worked with Western and European herbal medicine to effectively overcome challenging health difficulties. She has performed in-depth research in acupuncture, published her findings and holds Master’s degree in Asian medicine, including study in Chinese and Japanese medicine.

Jodi is passionate in her belief that people deserve to receive high-quality, supportive health care. She uses an innovative approach—implementing traditional Chinese medicine with modern approaches and modalities. She has helped her patients resolve their health issues so they can lead more vital and balanced lives.

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Jodi Weitz Acupuncture

A Modern Approach to Ancient Chinese Medicine

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