Herbal Consultation

For those not able to visit the Marin office in person, healing packages are available to solve health difficulties with herbal medicine.

Each package includes:

– Fact-finding intake phone consultation

– Herbal remedies to solve your specific health challenge

– Two Follow-up phone consultations with additional supporting health tips


Herbal Health Packages

Colds & Flu Relief  Builds immune system health and wellness and is ideal for those suffering from occasional and seasonal illness and chronic colds and flu





Stress Ease  Releases stress, frustration and overwhelm for those individuals with busy lives and little time for relaxation






Anti-Aging  Strengthens all vital organs to keep you healthy, prevent illness, increase energy and look and feel vibrant






Deeper Sleep  Calms the system so that nightly sleep can be deeper and longer






Teen Health  Reinforces the health and wellness of teens to alleviate stress, build concentration and resilience, and ease emotional frustration that young adults experience when coping with life challenges





Digestion & Detox  Reinforces digestive health, ease bloating and pain and gently detox your system for optimal absorption and assimilation of food





Anxiety Relief  Releases fears and worries that occasionally occur or are more deeply patterned due to tension and pressure




Each Herbal Healing Package is $125.

Once payment is received you will be contacted within 48 hours for your fact finding consultation.


“Jodi’s integrative approach to acupuncture left me feeling happy and healthy.”