“Since I’ve been treated by Jodi, I no longer suffer from neck and shoulder tension, and digestive problems. She is the most sensitive, intuitive, caring practitioner I’ve ever worked with. Overall, my body feels much more relaxed and in balance.” – Christina G.

“Jodi has worked wonders for my patients, especially with resolving high blood pressure, relieving pain and reducing allergies. With her skill and experience, she is truly gifted in bridging the gap between Western and Eastern medicine.” – Dr. Laura D., Internal Medicine Physician

“I no longer get the winter cold and cough that takes weeks to go away since I’ve been seeing Jodi.” – Mark T.

“After suffering from years of depression, I now live each day with joy and motivation from Jodi’s amazing treatments, without the use of pharmaceuticals.” — Lisa M.

“Jodi’s treatments are helping to heal my body and change my awareness. Her treatments and observations allow me to be more sensitive to how I live in my body, and how I can participate in its strengthening to maintain what feels like a balanced state.” — Bob S.

“Jodi has an inquisitive and caring approach that made me feel relaxed and in excellent care. I have lived with severe menstrual cramps for 10 years, and after one treatment, there was a significant reduction in pain. I am amazed and plan to use Jodi’s treatments as regular prevention.” – Jennifer B.


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“Dr. Weitz is a wonder of a physician and a healer for all people.”