Acupuncture prevents atrial fibrillation (AF) and associated cardiac damage. Research published by Zhu and institutions such as Harvard Medical School, John Hopkins, UC Davis and Duke University find that acupuncture applied has an anti-arrhythmia effect and prevents atrial fibrillation through restoration and remodeling of the right atrial appendage. The publication reads, “Recent small studies suggest that neuromodulation through skin or subcutaneous tissues may also help to control AF using acupuncture.”

Results were confirmed with electrocardiograms, histological examinations, ultrastructure analyses, and statistical analysis. Zhu et al. concluded, “Considering that acupuncture was safe, effective, without any pro-arrhythmic effect compared with the classical pharmacological therapy, this traditional Chinese medicine had a potential to become a more mainstream complementary intervention in the treatment of atrial fibrillation.”

The acupuncture point Neiguan (PC6, located on the inside of the wrist) was used as the study point. Traditional Chinese Medicine designates this point as highly therapeutic for the heart and its benefits include regulation of the rate and rhythm.

Another study from the Heart Rhythm Journal publication cites a highly relevant study published in the Journal of Cardiovascular Electrophysiology found that, “Our data indicates that acupuncture treatment prevents arrhythmic recurrences after cardioversion in patients with persistent AF. This minimally invasive procedure was safe and well tolerated.” As more studies find the benefits of acupuncture for heart problems, the side effects from pharmacological protocols can be reduced or eliminated for positive patient outcomes.