Our bodies release water through urine, sweat and breathing and the body begins to prioritize water usage as soon as we consume too little water. The top priority is the blood; without water the blood loses its viscosity and is not able to adequately transport necessary blood elements.

If a person is dehydrated, water is drawn from the synovial fluid around the joints – leading to joint pain. The discs in the spine are a hydraulic support system to support the weight of the upper body, and lack of hydration adds up to increased likelihood of serious back problems.

Dehydration also results in restriction of capillaries. It also leads to increased blood pressure as the body struggles to pump blood through the body. Normal levels of sodium are important to the body’s ability to retain enough water and are a factor in urinary function.  Health advocates all agree that they are talking about pure water, not other drinks which many people count toward their water consumption. Juice, soda pop, caffeinated beverages and alcohol are all diuretics and cause you to lose water. Therefore for every drink you have that is in the diuretic category, you must drink one more glass of pure water.

Here are some of the benefits of drinking more water:

–  Combat ailments and sometimes when you are feeling tired, have headaches or back pain it is a symptom of not drinking enough water.
–  Look younger — drinking water hydrates your skin
–  Reduce Blood Pressure
–  Ease Joint Pain
–  Improve Bowl Movements
–  Enhances Fat Loss