Diabetes is a disease when the human body is unable to produce glucose and as the result of it the blood sugar rises too high.   There are two types of diabetes, Type I, acquired at birth and Type II, usually found in teens and adults and is acquired by improper diet, genetic factors, stress and fatigue.  Diabetes occurs when the pancreas stops producing insulin and the body is no longer able to use glucose and therefore causes hyperglycemia.   Symptoms of diabetes include weight loss, numbness in the hands or feet, hunger, wounds that don’t heal, extreme thirst and irritability

In traditional Chinese Medicine, diabetes is divided into three types: upper, middle and lower and each has its own characteristics.  The upper type characteristic feature is thirst and relates to the lungs.   The middle’s characteristic is hunger and is associated with the stomach.  The lower’s is excessive urination and relates to kidney imbalance.   When each organ functions improperly, it affects the whole system and when untreated, can cause more damage to the system as seen with arteriosclerosis, neuropathy, blindness and vessel collapse.

Those suffering from the disease are advised to take Chinese herbs to strengthen the immune system.  Acupuncture is also suggested to build the system and improve the circulation in the affected organ pathways.  Treatment proposed by the Traditional Chinese Medicine is claimed to be very effective because when the vital energy Qi enriches the whole body and all its organs are able to function in a proper way.  A whole food, low-glycemic, unprocessed diet is also crucial, along with consistent exercise to get diabetes under control and to lower blood sugar in the body.