Chinese medicine was designed to bring the health of an individual back into equilibrium. Acupuncture gives the body the necessary tools it needs to restore health. If the organs of elimination are open, acupuncture may push the system to detoxify toxins help in the body.

The liver system is responsible for storing the blood and aiding in proper circulation of blood during movement. Because the liver is so closely connected with the blood function in the body, it is also responsible for detoxification in these areas:

– Improve circulation – allows for blood to circulate through the organ systems including kidneys, liver, lungs, GI tract more efficiently.

– Regulate oxidative stress and reduce inflammation – by moving the qi through the meridians, inflammation and oxidative stress are released thereby refreshing organs

– Open the Outlets – skin, muscles, bowels and sense organs effectively open the outlet to the internal releasing poisons in the joints and system